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Design Experience

Industrial Design

Make design happen.

AULA analyzes your project and selects the most appropriate designers, always with an eye on your budget, your visions and your end customer.

  • Research & Analysis

  • Design strategies

  • Industrial (Product) Design

  • Colors & Material Design

  • User Interface Design


Engineering made in Austria.

AULA offers required machine infrastructure for prototyping.

  • Implementation of FMEA

  • Needs Analyzes

  • System Integration

  • Rapid Prototyping

  • Electronics development

  • EMC compliant design

  • Serie Reconciliation

  • Software engineering

  • Mechatronics


Get the experience.

Experience our services. Our partners organize the annually held World Usability Congress.

  • Development-related product evaluation

  • Usability Tests

  • Worldwide approvals

  • Copyright protection

  • Product audits

  • Value analysis, cost reduction

  • Usability Engineering

  • User Experience Design

Corporate Design & Branding

Brand your product.

AULA offers interdisciplinary services to the market.

  • Integrated branding

  • Packaging Design

  • Corporate Design

  • POS concepts & implementation

  • Market studies & market analysis

  • Web- & Appdesign

  • Programming

what we do

AULA is active in many different industries.

We have a core team of international background and cross industry expertise, that works closely together with an extended international pool of affiliated design professionals from austria, canada, france, germany, italy, sweden, usa. our headquarter is based in the unesco-city of design graz/austria, with branch offices in venice/italy and xian/china. we are experienced in helping companies with product innovation, focusing on design and technologic improvement.

how we do

AULA provides full design services.

From branding and communication to consumer products, from interior design to technological equipment and investment goods to prototyping and engineering - for small and major corporations, using a team of in-house design experts together with a vast pool of experienced and highly skilled international professionals of design and other related sectors. our international network enables projects across borders.

Ready for successful product development?
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